"Fun"draising Events!

Organizations We Support:


¨       Academic Teams

¨       Sports Teams

¨       Booster Clubs

¨       Boy & Girl Scouts

¨       Camps

¨       Cheerleading Squads

¨       Churches, Temples

¨       Community Organizations

¨       Food Banks

¨       Homeless Shelters

¨       Little League Teams

¨       Parent Teacher Organizations

¨       Public Schools

¨       Sororities/Fraternities

¨       Student Clubs, Bands or Councils

¨       Senior Communities

¨       And more!

Put the “fun” in your fundraisers.


You want to raise funds for your worthy cause? We want to help you. The more guests you bring, the more funds you raise. Stir Crazy will donate a portion of net food sales (excluding tax and gratuities) during fundraising events to your organization.




Step 1


Please submit your request at least 30 days prior to the event.


Step 2


If you are an eligible organization and are applying with enough lead time, please complete our online application. Because we receive numerous requests, we may not respond to all inquiries. If we decide to proceed with a fundraiser for your organization, a member of our management team will respond to your request to discuss next steps.



View our Fundraising Request Form






When can I host a fundraiser?
Stir Crazy typically hosts fundraisers Sunday - Wednesday. Time frame and percentage of sales for donation is decided by you and the restaurant management team.


How can I make sure my event is successful?
Make sure you have enough lead time to prepare, assemble a team, and promote your fundraiser as often and as broadly as possible.

  • -write a compelling and emotionally-touching story about why people should come to your fundraiser.
    -include a flyer in your organization's traditional media outlets like: your newsletter, bulletin board, donors list, local radio station and newspapers, local events
    -include a flyer or information on web-based media outlets like: your website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, email lists, food bloggers, events-related websites like eventbrite.com, evite.com or meetup.com
    -Distribute flyers at large gatherings at school, work, church, sporting or charity events
    -To improve your fundraising efforts, you can also order from our catering menu.



Can I change the date and time of my fundraiser?
Yes. Please call your general manager at least one week before the schedule event.


Can I cancel my fundraiser?
Yes. Please call your general manager at least one week before the schedule event.


What if my organization does not have a Taxpayers Identification Number?
We know your heart’s is the right place. But unfortunately, we only work with organizations that have a Taxpayers Identification Number.


What do our guests need to bring the day of the fundraiser?
Any guest attending your fundraiser must present the customized flyer to the server when ordering. (Without the flyer, you will not receive credit for your fundraiser.) Credit also can be applied if you order pick up or take out.


When will my organization receive the money raised?
You should receive your check 30 days after the night of the fundraiser.  If you don't, please contact the restaurant management team.